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May 2, 2007 - Tag: My Baby and I, Babies

My husband was always very keen for us to get a dog and as one who has had quite a fear of dogs and no real experience of them I was originally very reluctant to get one.

I eventually came round to the idea when he pointed out the many benefits there would be, such as it would be much better for our kids to grow up with dogs than end up scared of them (like I was), and, as keen walkers, would help keep us fit and healthy as well as being fun.

As it turns out I love having our dog and it has helped me to overcome my fear and understand why dogs behave like they do. In fact I would go as far to say that in many ways it has helped prepare us as parents because many of the skills we have picked up will (hopefully) transfer when we have our first baby in a few months’ time. For example we have to work together as a team and be consistent in our approach to behaviour and training. We have also come to learn what much of his behaviour and signals mean, much like we will get to learn the different needs of our new baby.

As little as a year ago I would have been very worried about the prospect of having a dog and baby together, but since having our dog I feel confident that, with the correct supervision and training, all will go well.

If you have a dog and are expecting a baby I would recommend doing some research and preparing your dog in plenty of time for the new arrival.

I found some good general advice about preparing your dog for the arrival of a baby in Victoria Stilwell’s book ‘Its Me or the Dog’.

I also found a great website that details how you can prepare your dog and other pets for the arrival of a new baby.

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  1. John

    May 2, 2007 @ 5:54 pm

    All kids should grow up around dogs then they’ll learn how friendly and companionable “mans best friend” can be.

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