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May 7, 2007 - Tag: Pregnancy

While out shopping with my Mum recently she seemed slightly concerned and amazed at, being 8 months pregnant, how well I was coping physically with our shopping extravaganza. She went on to tell me how she would never have managed so well when she was pregnant and how attitudes to women, exercise and pregnancy have changed since ‘her day’.

Years ago women were encouraged to put their feet up and take it easy throughout their pregnancies. These days, although we are told to slow down, it is a well known fact that certain types of gentle or moderate exercise can be beneficial during pregnancy.

I am a keen runner but stopped running a few months into my pregnancy, mainly due to morning sickness and tiredness, but have replaced it with regular walking.

The latest medical evidence suggests it is okay to continue to do most forms of exercise to a certain degree during your pregnancy, but to not take up anything new. It is still quite amazing, however, to read about the likes of Paula Radcliffe, who managed to run throughout most of her pregnancy.

If you are interested in finding out more about running during pregnancy, Runner's World provides some advice from mothers on their website.

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