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Baby Names

The top 10 boys and girls baby names for 2006 were:

Boys Girls
Jack Olivia
Thomas Grace
Joshua Jessica
Oliver Ruby
Harry Emily
James Sophie
William Chloe
Samuel Lucy
Daniel Lily
Charlie Ellie

Tips on choosing a name for your baby:

  • Look on the Internet and in books for ideas on names for your baby.
  • Make sure the initials don't spell a word or anything that the child could be mocked for e.g. William Andrew Green would spell WAG.
  • Consider the spelling and pronunciation carefully - is the name easy to spell and pronounce or is the child likely to spend his or her life correcting everyone who writes it down or tries to say it.
  • If you have a common surname try to choose a more unusual first name and visa versa. There are many a 'Tom Green' and 'Andrew Smith' for example.
  • It may be wise to wait until after the birth to announce the name of your baby to your family and friends, or you may get some of them trying to put you off the name or trying to change your mind.
  • Above all make sure both you and your partner like the name, after all you will be using it for many years to come!


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