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Baby Gifts and Accessories

You may be looking to buy baby gifts and accessories either for your own baby or perhaps a friend or family member has recently had a baby and you would like to buy them a gift.

Baby showers are becoming more common over here in the UK. A baby shower is where the mother-to-be invites her (usually female) friends for a party/get together. It is traditional for the invitees to bring a present for the baby for when it is born.

It is also customary to take a gift for the baby to a christening or naming ceremony to which you attend.

Gift ideas for a new baby:

  • A baby record book, where parents can note the baby's important milestones, such as first smile, first word etc.
  • A newspaper from the day the baby was born.
  • A gift basket which contains a range of small gifts, such as a hat, booties, a toy, a picture frame etc.
  • Clothes for the baby to wear.
  • Toys for the baby to play with.
  • Accessories for the nursery.


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