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Baby Clothes and Wear

There are some essential items of clothes and wear that you will need for your new baby, such as:

  • body suits
  • sleep suits
  • socks
  • scratch mittens
  • booties or pram shoes
  • hat and coat

However, do not go over the top and buy many sets of these in advance - you will find that many of your friends and family will give you some as presents, and if your baby is particularly big he or she may not even fit into the newborn clothes you have bought! If you do not know the sex of your baby it may help to wait until the birth to buy the majority of the clothes you need.

Baby clothes and wear can be bought from the Internet ex., from specialist baby stores and from high street chain stores and supermarkets. Generally you will find that the chain stores and supermarkets will offer the cheapest ranges of clothing but make sure what ever you buy is good quality and represents value for money.

You can also buy second hand baby clothes from 'bring and buy' or 'nearly new' sales. The NCT regularly holds such events and you can be sure to pick up a number of bargains.


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