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Baby Care

The thought of caring your for your newborn baby can be quite a daunting prospect, particularly for first time parents. The best thing you can do is to get lots of help and advice from different sources before the baby is born and when it is born.

Although caring for a newborn seems very daunting you should remember that much of it will come to you naturally and you will get to learn what the baby needs.

Good sources of information about caring for your baby can be found at:

  • NCT classes - Sessions are normally held around 6 weeks before your due date and usually consist of a group or 6-10 couple. You usually have to pay for the classes but they are worth it.

  • Parentcraft classes/ante-natal classes - These are usually free through your local NHS and will mainly be held during the day. You should ask your midwife for details.

  • Baby books.

  • The Internet - on forums and information sites about babies and pregnancy.

  • From other mums and mums to be. If you do not know any other mums a great way of getting to know some is through a local parent and baby group in your area.


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