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Baby Budget

There is no denying that babies are expensive! However, with some careful planning and shopping around you should be able to keep costs down to a minimum.

Here are our top tips for having a baby on a budget!

  • NCT sales. The NCT (National Childbirth Trust), regularly holds nearly new sales and bring and buy sales where you can pick up many bargains for your baby.

  • Don't buy too many newborn clothes until you know weight and sex of your baby. If your baby is on the larger size you will find that some newborn clothes will not fit and you will have to go out and buy the next size up.

  • Hold a baby shower. Invite friends and family along for a party a month or two before the baby is born. Your guests will more than likely bring along various gifts and accessories that you will need for your baby.

  • Write a gift list. Friends and family will want to buy gifts for the baby once is it born. To avoid duplication of items and to get what you want, consider setting up a baby gift list with a well known shopping chain, in just the same way as wedding gift lists.

  • Ebay provides a great place to buy baby equipment but make sure you compare prices so that you get value for money.

  • Well in advance of the birth of your baby start writing a list of all the equipment, toys, clothes etc that you will need. Use the Internet and shops to get ideas of prices of the items so you can draw up a detailed budget plan. Take the list everywhere you go so you can compare prices and tick off items as you get them.


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